Sunday, June 17, 2007

Managing tidbits

In the four years since I went to Ecuador, I forgot all the nitty pickies of international travel. This time there's the added dimension of doing research. My hopes of packing on back and doing this Guatemala trip shoestring and walking off the plank as I enter into the world of research and electronics. The plus side of all this is, wow! I am starting to advance my technological capacities with software (SPSS, NVivo), digital recordings (and the glorious foot pedal for transcriptions), and realized I can keep in touch with people around the world with the glories of Skype and a webcam. I'm giggling with joy here in Iowa!

At any rate, I'm weeding through containers of sunscreen, DEET containing bug repelent, long sleeved shirts, technology, and shoes to fit everything I need for research and study abroad into two (alas not one) check bags and one carry on. Good luck, Nancy!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Moving in 14 days

I am moving to Guatemala City, Guatemala, in about 14 days time. I just drove from Idaho back home to Iowa and am preparing the last details before I head abroad.

I'm not sure yet my address or phone but will keep you posted.